General PTG Meeting Minutes 9/12/16

General WSS-PTG 1st Monthly Meeting/ Sign In : attendance &
Minutes for September 12, 2016 9:30-10:40AM

West Side PTG executive Board
-Pres., Ana Shammah:
-VP of Committees, Michelle Rampi:
-Treasurer, Edina Bobelian :
-Secretary, Iris Vardy:
-Parent Communications Coordinator, Ann Tucker:

Sign In:
Allison Monaco, Bari Corbin, Elise justo, Nicole Boutis, Allison standerwick, Melissa Newman, Blake Woodworth, Edra Tepper, Jill demarco, Michelle Rampi, Edina Bobelian, Nicole Pultz , Annalise Catala, Ann Tucker, Laurie Corallo, Kristyn Mulada, Jennifer Henick, Barbara Callaghan, Ingrid wright, Andrea Mannino, Susan Kopp, Ana Shammah, Suzi Berg, Kristin Provisero, Cat Bauer, Denise ioannou, Katie Zarboutis, Lauren Jasinski, Susan Goldstein, Lauren Slaven, Charisse Winthrop, Jenean Ketterer, Claudia Marino, Christine Masata , Maryann Lombardo, Kim Parziale, Jordan Smith, Julie Starrett, Irena Dabakarov, Superintendant: Robert Fenter, Amy Brogan, Dr. Iris Vardy, Dana Lynch, Nicole Prizzi, Eileen Byrne , Sandra Capek-O’Grady

Ann Tucker:
Directory has been completed in PDF format:)
With E-mails version, in the spring, possibly:)))

Superintendent: Robert Fenter
10th superintendent for our schools
Working on approval of goals for the year:
-most improvements take place when we build upon goals from the past (ie.differentiation in the classroom)
—concept of voice & choice, using math
He is a Former social studies teacher and son of a former social studies teacher
Inquiry is a concept that we are using to encourage the journey students take , gives children the opportunity to have a voice, raising awareness of the power they have to make a difference! By inviting students to making contacts (ie.with CEO’s via e-mails ) teaching them that they can have an impact through initiative…
-to create a technology rich environment using all the tools available to them, via
Conference calls, skyping , etc…. make sure our kids can operate in a digital world, using all the tools available to them in this world….ie. canvas is being used at our High School which is similar to Blackboard being used by students in college… This is all to prepare our kids for college
facilities- how we can improve our physical Ed program facility
Looking at long term financial plan and possible Bond

Mr. Simon:
-Diane Marlowe will be replacing Mrs. SCHAUL (RETIRED NURSE) If parents would like to say goodbye or wish her good luck in her retirement you may drop by the school at 11:30 on Sept. 30th to do so.
-6th grade toxic popcorn challenge: our students were placed in groups and were able to problem solve how to get a string of pop corn to go from one bowl to another without putting hands in the bowls…. The students were engineering and shared with their classmates their problem solving ideas on what worked with best.

Promoting tickets for the year of good behavior to reward them by setting the tone
Charters-living, breathing documents
Back to School Night: Sept. 22nd
New tables and umbrellas purchased by the PTG were delivered this summer and placed on the patio outside of our library for kids/students to use, encouraging teachers and students to use the outdoor patio for learning and the friendship club to use to enjoy lunch on pleasant days.
6th grade Students going to give a tour of the school to Mr. Fenter with an historic account of its 225th anniversary.

Communication, Respect, Teamwork are the Core values for our school which we will be focusing on.

Ana Shammah:
No class dues this year
Instead, Class moms will be collecting for teachers gifts
And 6th grade moms will collect $10 per student to rent the barn for end of year 6th grade dance. 6 new families and 7 new students this year. 158 total families at West Side this year.

West side Win: Raffle cash prizes for fundraiser -one of only 2 such fundraisers for the school per year.
West Side Run is the only other fund raiser that WSS does per/year. Invitations will be sent out this week via your child’s backpack. With the purchase of a raffle ticket ($100 per ticket) not only are you eligible to win cash prizes but you are also invited to the West Side Win Cocktail Party for hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and music. The raffle prize winners will be announced at the party. Raffle tickets will be sold at Back to School Night or you can send in your check to the main office along with your response card.

Tomato Sauce Day-Sept. 26th serving tomato sauce to dip into it bread… Teaching the kids about herbs and the garden
Find out who has allergies from ms. Marlowe (new school nurse)

Michelle Rampi:
Head of committees
Need Ellis island school mom volunteer from 4th grade
Need 5th grade mom for 6th grade Moving Up

Ingrid wright:
Photo day is Sept. 29th- Photo proofs will be sent via email and your purchases will be made online. Ingrid wright mentioned that there is a discount if you have 3 or more kids in the district for pics but in order to receive the discount you must call the company to place your order. This will be noted on the order form… Contact Ingrid wright if you have any questions.
Photo Retake day will oct. 27th

Halloween-Oct. 28th 5:30-7pm Lisa Baxter chairing/ no drop offs please. There will be music, Pizza, baked goods and much more!

Septa:Nicole Prizzi: or
1st event: Homework strategies workshop
Nov .4th movie night
Support groups
Special needs and gifted children/students
FOCUS also is bringing speaker on stress management

Cultural arts- 4th grade Journeys to the American Indian Territories. Every grade will have at least 2 or more cultural arts programs.

Edina Bobelian will write checks to reimburse any expenses incurred for the events. Send in your receipts to main office and a reimbursement check will be mailed to your home.


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