General PTG Meeting Minutes 5/10/16

General Meeting Minutes

General WSS-PTG Meeting Sign In attendance on May 10, 2016 9:30- 10:36 am


Ana Shammah-President (

Nicole Pultz- Vice President of Committees (

Eileen Byrne- Treasurer ((

Iris Vardy-Secretary (

Tara Belfi- Parent Communication Coordinator (

Sign In:

Cat Bauer, Eileen Byrne, Kerri Albers , Allison Monaco, Kristin Provisero, Susan Goldstein, Lauren Jasinski, Edra Tepper, Michelle Rampi, Katie Zarboutis, Lorena Munyak , Nicole Boutis, Jill DeMarco, Andrea Will, Sheila Acker, Melissa Newman, Mark McAteer, Maryann Lombardo, Jenean Ketterer , Nicole Pultz, Ana Shammah, Mr. Kurt Simon, Dr. Judith Wolinsky, Maria Reilly, Maria Ryan, Ingrid Wright, Edina Bobelian, Iris Vardy

Dr. Bernhardt spoke:

Triple A uninsured bond rating for our school financially

2-3 yrs may not need to increase the size of our classes to keep up with budget

Please come out to vote. We are only getting 400 people coming out to vote.. Used to be 1200

Poles open 6am-10pm

Dr. Wilansky (16 yrs as superintendent)

Educational initiatives a 10 week course on coding

Advanced placement course in computer science theory

New small groups of music classes, because they are our students playing in the pit crew ..has resulted in increased number of students actually playing as musicians

Adding Child psychologist at Goosehill for staff /teachers another recourse

Ms. Fuller social worker

Lightsail initiative for older Grade’s

E Spark program2-6 2,3,4 Grade’s

Starr math assessment 20 minute test that allows us to best assess the kids reading levels or Starr levels are teaching us real info on students in real time to best help each student.

Content of articles assigned to students by teachers are allowing teachers to assign at the appropriate level for each student

Coding available for the 8th grade and will be co-taught

Transition to new superintendent Mr. Fenter will work with Judy to make the transition.

Any outstanding receipts Eileen will reimburse

Tara Belfi with Nicole Prizzi co Pres. SEPTA

Allison Monaco chairing WSS Camp out, June 4th starts at 3pm

DJ starts at 3:30-6:30. Dinner and then movie at 8:30pm

High school student monitors

Bagels and coffee clean up next morning

RSVP to know how many hot dogs and hamburgers

Bon fire with s’mores

Buy school supplies and add the ptg dues to cart-one dues payment per family

Website open til last day of school or contact Jill DeMarco

Eileen- we will not have any extra school supplies

Drew Pultz spoke about donating at field day used sports equipment-all proceeds are donated to big brothers and sisters organization. Drop donations of used sports equipment into boxes at the airplane wing.

Cat Bauer is chairing Field Day need volunteers

Sunday may 22, 2016 WSS Run wraps up 11:30am

Cat Bauer -Night before the WSRun there will be a free pasta dinner at WSS. 6-8 pm Saturday night is a pre-registration window.

Day of Race-Come early and pre-register come at 8am, by 8:45 am there will be no more access via car

Talent show- please attend, it should be great.

6th grade graduation June 20th is being held at The Harbor Club at Prime.

Mr. Simon spoke next thanking everyone for their support throughout the year.

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