General Meeting Minutes 1/12/16

General WSS-PTG Meeting Sign In attendance on January 12th, 2016 @9:30-10:42am


Ana Shammah-President (

Nicole Pultz- Vice President of Committees (

Eileen Byrne- Treasurer ((

Iris Vardy-Secretary (

Tara Belfi- Parent Communication Coordinator (

Sign in:

Jill DeMarco, Allison standerwick, Stefania Geraci, Michelle Rampi, Lauren Jasinski, Maryann Lombardo, Deborah Roberts, Kerri Albers, Stephanie DiNozzi, Ingrid wright, Maria Ryan, Kim Parziale, Vicky Roberts, Suzi Berg, Jenean Ketterer, Lauren Slaven, Edina Bobelian, Tara Belfi, Ana Shammah, Iris Vardy

Science Rocks by Ms. Barata (our 3rd and 4th grade Science teacher) graciously spoke with us to show us what she is doing to inspire our kids, using I-pads, microscopes, and creative fun … She doesn’t give a lot of homework and posts everything on the website for parents and kids to access:)

Ms. DiNozzi, Pres. CSH Educational Foundation (CSHEF) since 2012,

-CSHEF provides funds for all schools in our district & is Fully incorporated 501c (3)

-volunteers are parents in CSH community w/ goal of enhancing our reputation

-Collaborate with BOE to insure meaningful and innovative implementation of funds

-increased student access to tech by 50% w/$200,000 donated in last 2yrs

-equipment to outfit high school research labs

-Introduced computer coding to elementary schools

-Brought robotics to elementary schools

-Supported personalized learning through expansion of the espark program Grade’s k-4

-CSHEF Funded devices for both lightsail (Grade’s 4,5,6) and Achieve 3000 ( Grade’s 7-9 non fiction associated press articles)

-Impact on WSS: 86 iPads from foundation; 10 iPad minis, supporting individ.learning

-devices allows students at CSH to be differentiated, through espark technology

– kids can be differentiated to smaller groups based on similar levels, providing individualizations in a sample class

-All funded through the foundation technology is enhancing the role of the teacher through these donations

-Tools that allow them to learn at their own pace, increasing confidence to participate in group discussions & collaboration


-get involved/donate

-Nov and December had partnered events where companies donated % of income by being promoted through CSHedfoundation … Resulted in over $200,000

-Pop party will be on March 11th @7pm held at the Paramount. It is the annual fundraiser which supports CSHEF.

-Jan 21st is another 1st of 3 part series screening of movie “fed up” 2014 talks about sugar on diff areas of learning, “organic crush” is supplying all food for a lunch and learn 11:30-1:30 there will be a blast so look out for this:)

Presidents Report-

-Skate Night Rescheduled for March 6th, 2016

-Friday January 22nd movie: “Hotel Transylvania” bring beach chairs and no drop offs please!

-January 24th: West side and Loyd harbor are having 6th grade get together at bounce for two hours 5-7

-Focus Wednesday Jan 27, conquering anxiety for test taking/state tests @ GooseHill

-SEPTA movie event had a great turnout w/over 100 attendies at the Peanuts movie 🙂

-Remember to bring in receipts for treasurer: Eileen Byrne, to WSS main office for reimbursement & to update budget

-Budget Forum planning time, Jan 26th @7:30pm in the conference room at districts office.

November General WSS-PTG meeting Minutes were approved by Ingrid Wright, Tara Belfi, & Stephania Geraci

Mr. Simon:

-September-June continuing to recognizing kids doing a great job amongst their pears

-Lightsail 456 Grade’s competition for reading

-Friendship groups of 12 students are being implemented to improve respect among students and to teach them to step up for peers and not to be bystanders to bullying

-5th grade group texting/ cyber bullying/ hard to monitor : these small group workshops are one way they are handling /tackling this

-We have to address this at home as well

Mr. Simon explained how Data experts assessment of our kids literacy, using technology, such as the Espark Program, available through the I-pads, helps shift what we are teaching. They are able to look at Test questions and NYS Assessments to see how our kids are answering them and to modify for individualized learning according….

Again we have to thank CSH Educational Foundation for this, in providing the district with the technology/I-pads that allows for these assessments !;)

Meeting adjourned at 10:42AM

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