Ellis Island


For Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grade Students 

We are so excited to bring Ellis Island back to West Side on June 3 ……BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP, approximately 85 of you!!!

Calling on mothers, fathers, grandparents and all other relatives who would like to participate and can commit to the day’s schedule of 8:30am-1pm. 

There will also be parent volunteer meeting on May 4th at 7:30pm, so please mark your calendars! We expect this to be a memorable experience, but it can only happen with your help!

Please review the below information and click on this link to signup! 


West Side School will be transformed into a European Port of Departure, a Transatlantic Steamship, and the Ellis Island Processing Center.  The students will follow in the footsteps of immigrants as they are examined and processed.  Inspectors will determine if each immigrant will be detained, deported, or admitted into the United States.

In order to accomplish this undertaking, we will need the help of 4th, 5th and 6th grade parents and family members to act as Steamship Authority Officials, Guards, Interpreters, Medical Examiners, Inspectors, Immigrants, etc. Additionally, we are in need of 6 volunteers to serve as the “captain” of each room (Office, Steamship, Baggage, Medical, Great Hall, Immigrant Society) to direct and manage the flow of the day, as well as assist in preparation. We are also in need of approximately 12 volunteers to help us transform the school on the evening of Thursday, June 2nd at 7pm. 

Please note:  This is not a performance.  You will not be allowed to come and watch the activities.  The only way to see what your child is experiencing is to be an active participant. 

We are requesting some additional volunteer information within the signup genius. Please check all boxes that apply and in the comment section let us know if there is any other information you can provide that would be helpful as we assign you a role (for example- you have public speaking or acting experience, you speak a foreign language, you would be ok with a larger speaking role such as ship captain). 

Please also note that based on current district policy it is likely that a negative covid test will need to be provided by all volunteers taken within 36 hours of the event start time. Home tests are accepted.

This committee helps to organize the 4th graders and their families reenact how immigrants made their journey to America. This includes steamship, passing the Statue of Liberty, and processing at Ellis Island. The reenactment involves role playing (dressing in clothing from the time, wrapping food, speaking in different languages, etc.)

*Parent participation is crucial. A PTG sponsored luncheon is held for all volunteers after this event.

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