WSSPTG Minutes 5/8/17

General WSS-PTG Monthly Meeting/Sign In: Attendance and Minutes for May 08, 2017 WSS-PTG Thank you Brunch Meeting

9:30am- 10:40am

Executive Board Members:

President, Ana Shammah:

VP of Committees, Michelle Rampi:

Treasurer, Edina Bobelian:

Secretary, Iris Vardy:

Parent Communications Coordinator, Ann Tucker:

Sign In: Bob Fenter, Principal Kurt Simon, Nicole Prizzi, Ana Shammah, Sandra Capek O-Grady, Mr. Bernhardt, Carolina Kotek, Ingrid Wright, Lauren Jasinski, Cat Bauer, Edina Bobelian, Irena Dabakarov, Julie Starrett, Suzi Berg, Stefania Geraci, Michelle Rampi, Jenean Ketterer, Iris Vardy, Lorena Munyak, Katie Zarboutis, Liz Franklin, Allison Standerwick, Kerri Albers, Maryann Lombardo, Denise Ioannou, Lauren Slaven, Dana Lynch

Joe Monastero loves instructional technology

Mr. Fenter spoke first re: the vote and that

-We are #196, which means that we dropped 11 spots from 21,000 schools in the country

Field trips to NYC  have been made by our teachers/Principal Kurt Simon to make sure that our school is up to par with other schools.

They saw White board desks that children can write on

Students were in pairs

Chrome books are on a data base to access the info and a paper with pencil

2 chrome books and the other, another purpose and a paper and pencil

Our programs and resources need to be aligned to that effort… part of our budget that we will be voting on

Building level leaders like Principal kurt simon

Mr. Bernhardt spoke next :

Over 6500 eligible voters tomorrow will be voting on the budget

October 6th will  be West Side Win 2017


Nicole Prizzi:

Thank you lunch this Friday

Anna Shammah:

School supplies is going live

PTG please clik on PTG dues once and that will give you the directory

Talent show is Thursday and rehearsal is Thursday,  ends at 7pm

Friday arrive at pac 6:15pm only opens at 6:45pm

Staff appreciation luncheon

Cultural arts 6th graders will be going to the Weir Barn good girl to boy ratio june 16

June 6,  2-3 rd graders

Secret invisible codes

6th graders need pics for the graduation party

Ellis Island 4th   grade parents June 9th

Immigration day 8:30 am-12pm. There will be a Luncheon served afterwards for all parents who participated

Ice  cream social after the talent show

Hub was cancelled due to not enough participation, going instead to Crestwood

How many family members allowed to bring to the graduation-No limits to invite

Mostly parents and 6th grade children/graduates

Sandra Capek O-Grady is in charge of the graduation party

Today is the last day to purchase the yearbook on line: Carolina Kotek, nice job!:)

6th graders running the Field day working on the T-shirts

In the afternoon 6th graders will be having a fun day

Art being displayed in the halls on the same day.

Barbeque for the kids after the field day and parents are gone by then except those that are volunteering

Camp out this year with barbeque 2 Allisons running it (Monacco and Standerwick). Soccer game, badminton, new parents should come it is a very special and  beautiful event. Just ask that RSVP for food count 9-1-am place cleaned out in the morning after. June 3rd

Just go to our Website to committees to see all the dates on line

Its not a drop off event “camp out”, we cannot have children play in the playground unattended

Know where your children are! West side watch will sign up to make sure that no one is on the playground after a certain hour for safety

Mr. Simon spoke next:

Thank you breakfast 6 years ago was his first day

Now he is sitting in on the Board exec meetings because of a suggestion by Ana Shammah

Crest Wood first year for the 6th graders instead of Coleman which is far away and gave the 6th graders less time to enjoy the day.


Staff list just went out  regarding who is replacing the retired teachers.

New 3rd grade teachers will be : Ms. Dopico and Mrs. Manning

Retiring teachers: Dr. Bonnie Dawkins and Mr.  Jim farmer will sit and speak with the new 3rd grade teachers

Retirement party? For bonnie and jim in June …they typically do not like surprises, not only the teachers who are retiring but the 3 who are becoming tenured.

Kids will want to do a “goodbye” for them

Geography B at the board meeting tomorrow Mr. simon will bring up the point of cheating

West Side school theatre group will be chaired by Jillian Damast, the and taking over the for Ellis Island:Shannon Sczcerbiak, The  show at the PAC will have a professional choriographer, this person has done stuff on broadway in the city!:)

A big reveal to let us know what the show will be is in a few weeks

Fall/September bus to pac for rehearsals. We will find out which show in a few weeks

Upcoming 6th graders who participated last year please know you are eligible, everyone gets a role, not competitive, it is to be part of a group to make everyone comfortable very inclusive and a signup sheet coming up soon,

Playground to come is collaborative effort.


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