General Meeting Minutes 2/6/17

General WSS-PTG Monthly Meeting/ Sign In : attendance &

Minutes for Feb. 6, 2017 9:20am-10:25am

West Side PTG executive Board

-Pres., Ana Shammah:

-VP of Committees, Michelle Rampi:

-Treasurer, Edina Bobelian :

-Secretary, Iris Vardy:

-Parent Communications Coordinator, Ann Tucker:

Sign In:

Katie Zarboutis, Nicole Prizzi, Julie Starrett, Irena Dabakarov, Ingrid Wright, Mark McAteer, Liz franklin, Bob Fenter, Mike Bongino, Suzi berg, Stefania Geraci, Michelle Rampi, Susan Goldstein, Ann Tucker, Edina Bobelian, Diane Scinta, Sandra Capek-O”Grady, Nicole Pultz, Amy brogan, Kurt Simon, Jenean Ketterer, Susan Goldstein, Lorena Munyak, Ana Shammah, Iris Vardy

Blake Newman & Sophia Marino won again a gift card for movies from math Olympics

Jenean Ketterer & Nicole Prizzi approved the minutes from last months meeting

Hoping that each meeting we will be inviting another class to present something at our meetings. Today will be the 3rd graders:)

It’s the 25th year of WSRun

Need a committtee/volunteers for the playground/new outdoor facility that will prevent kids from running in mud, rain and snow, during recess.

Ingrid Wright updated us on the New BOA meeting guidelines: No business names on school grounds!

Ingrid Wright unOfficially volunteered Mark McAteer as a resource for the new outdoor recess space

An event in March promoted by Focus will sponsor a speaker on family time: having dinner as a family to reduce stress, stress management techniques, etc

The most current FOCUS group on March 22nd is at 9:30am will have Denise Campbell speak. Nicole Prizzi and ?spoke

Ingrid Wright on Budget by BOA spoke: health care costs that go up and contribution to retirement funds to staff is at a 2.58% increase cap, we will be trying to be under that for taxes

Septa are maxed out at 40 people for executive functioning at GooseHill community board room

Cultural arts: 3rd and 4th grade has recycling “Okedoke” ran a workshop creating their own rhythms: they won a Grammy for their music that will take place in the gym

“Living voices” was for 6th Grader’s regarding civil rights movements for immigration

CPC meetings are first Thursday of every month

Mary Poppins was a huge hit at the HS

Movie night will be this Friday “Finding Dory”

-No drop offs!

Ice skate night rescheduled for march

Low order numbers for WSS apparel, need feedback: one parent stated her daughter didn’t like that all stuff for girls is just pink

Nicole Prizzi did like which we may be using next year

A book drive to help “helping hands” at the sandwich making went well

Find a school to benefit a book drive that is in need: Ingrid wright

Pajama program by Nicole Prizzi to donate to shelters

Kurt Simon spoke thanking PTG and specifically Ana Shammah

3rd graders came to PTG to read us their writings on persuasion:) they persuaded us that they needed new crayons and art supplies during recess very well! Lauren Jacinski, who chairs the recess schedule of parent volunteers, took note that it was duly understood and would be addressed:)

6th graders are learning about leadership & interviewing their parents to help give personal experiences to history

6 th graders will be going Crestwood instead of Colman camp because they will have more time to enjoy as it is closer

Grit for 5th and 6th graders, learning from difficulties to overcome and succeed despite and to learn from and grow to create a Positive work ethic

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