PTG General Meeting Minutes 10/17/16

General WSS-PTG 2nd Monthly Meeting/ Sign In : attendance &

Minutes for October 17, 2016, 9:20-10:40AM

West Side PTG executive Board

-Pres., Ana Shammah:

-VP of Committees, Michelle Rampi:

-Treasurer, Edina Bobelian :

-Secretary, Iris Vardy:

-Parent Communications Coordinator, Ann Tucker:

Sign In:

Michelle Rampi, Lauren Jasins, Deirdre Ventura, Elise jusko, Danielle Vitagliano, Kristyn mulada, Kara Attalienti, Charisse Winthrop, Lisa baxter, Karolina Cotek, Allison Monaco, Kerri Albers, Barbara Callaghan, Chris Callaghan, Katie Zarboutis, Denise Ioannou, Liz franklin, Andrea Mannino, Claudia Marino, Christine Masata, Allison Standerwick, Jordan Smith, Maryann Lombardo, Susan Goldstein , Julie Starrett, Edra Tepper, Susan Kopp, Edina Bobelian, Ann Tucker, Janene Keegan , Cat Bauer, Nicole Prizzi, Suzi Berg, Iris Vardy, Dana Lynch

Anna started meeting at 9:20am with a discussion re:Security

-All must enter main entrance and present an ID the first time. A picture will be taken for the school to have everyone in the system (no more coming through the community room parking lot door…it’s for all our security sake and most important the children )

-WSS Apparel update: we will be ready for the holidays

Discussing another outdoor space at WSS so that when it rains or snows we should have another hard top area so the kids aren’t running on muddy grounds
At the High school: proposal of building a new athletic facility it will also include:




Clothing drive until 27th of October

Photo retake day 27th October

-Nov 6th Septa sponsored Trols movie 15$ includes drink/popcorn

In Nov. Gemma will discuss nutrition through Septa meeting

focus/septa: teacher links

Next Wednesday discussing stress management/testing anxiety on Oct. 26 through focus

CPC meeting 1st Thursday of the month at 9am at the district office in Goosehill

-Cutting back on speakers first couple of meetings

Cultural arts:

-Oct 18th teaching about Native American Indians

-Oct 20th a pop artist will come to talk

Revised directory was emailed. In the Spring we hope to add emails to the directory and there will be an opt out for email addresses.

Mr. Simon: Security bring ID should be up and running by end of month

-More Fire/emergency drills

-More volunteers to come in to discuss “perseverance” teaching students first hand by volunteer parent speakers to tell their stories of what it takes to succeed

Ana budget:

WS Run different vendor for shirts to increase profits

Expecting: $13,500 from WS Win

-%100 collection of PTG dues!:)

$38,000 in income for the year

-Ellis island  (4th grade parents needed still)

-Accountant fees

-Teacher stipend: if they want to purchase supplies for the kids, PTG reimburses

-News room at WSS: all supplies communication board donated by PTG

-6th grade moving up gift from PTG

-Back to school bags for teachers/ welcome cost through PTG

-No Class dues collected this year and all Crafts costs covered by the PTG. Each grade received a budget for crafts this year.

-Security costs for each event

-6th graders get an award from the PTG

WS Alumn receives a scholarship from the PTG-($500 Ted Hilton Scholarship at high school)

We usually strive to Break about even: is our goal with a little cushion

Barbara Callahan & Susan Kopp both Approved the budget

Stephanie Denozzi spoke next re: CSHedFoundation

Bridging gap between what goes on in school and what goes on in real life

-Provides funding for a direct impact on student

-We can have an impact on each child! money goes directly to the children, in turn enhances our districts reputation and thus property values!

With goals to Create a cohesive curriculum and make them better

CSHEdFoundation is Only around since 2012: makes sure all kids impacted by the foundation

PTG vs. Ed Foundation- Difference is the Foundation provides Educational programs for the “entire” district

-Booster are very defined areas and foundation goes much wider, to support the curriculum based programs across ALL schools in our district

-Increased student access to technology by 50%! Foundation donated $200,000

-Introduced computer programming to the elementary school, so now it is part of the schools curriculum!

-Gateway to technology in the high school is a result of that!

-Robotics was brought to the elementary school to spark an early interest before high school

-Grade’s K-4 e-spark and light sail for upper grades

-Technology/devices provided by the foundation through a donation of $109,000:

-1-1 initiative means they all have there own device, which supports communication with the teachers and students -starts at 7th grade creating a team, teaching right of passage for the kids

-Carts in every single 7th grade class, however they are not taking them home yet. First there teaching them and then in December they will take them home

-we are In year 3 of a 5 year plan

-Non technology driven programs: $24,000 donated to the high school, where the kids are growing Coral! we have a “coral reef” we can show actionable impact, because of the effect on the climate the world’s coral reefs are dying!

Aqua Life scientist are teaching a new career to our students the coral reefs are from St. Martin … at the high school they are learning :

-To create business plans to impact the environment

-To regenerate and impact the environment (these ideas are supported by our new superintendent!:)

-New: Marine biology classes!

Data on CSH from E-spark to learn at their own pace are

Funded through CSHedFoundation!

POP parties are fun events to help raise $ for the Foundation to support the above and more….between back to school night striving for 100% participation as the foundation is a parent run volunteer effort

Meeting ended promptly at 10:40am

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