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General PTG Meeting Minutes 1/7/2019


West Side PTG Meeting

Monday, January 7, 2019



Meeting held in Community Room at West Side School, Meeting start time 9:33 am

Attendees: (see attached sheet)

*Tara Belfi- From the CSHEF, showed a quick video about the organization- Many people do not know what the organization does- why should we support the foundation while our taxes are so high? – Need the support, there are unfunded mandates and it helps enhance our students learning.   The foundation needs to raise between 250-300K a year to fund various programs in our schools. Items they funded: Chrome Books for each student from grades 7-12, Creative Learning Spaces as well as the Robotics Team.

960 Families in our district and if each family donated $300 they would be able to cover the money that needs to be raised for our students. Only 18% of families have helped them to get this far.

Next Fundraiser is on March 22- POP Party

*Security Information- Policies and Procedures-Sgt. Mergel, OBCPD, and PO Krukowski, Nassau County PD

Since the Parkland Shooting happened, this past spring, the OBC and Nassau County Police did a walk-thru of our schools.

We are in a very secure area with the OBCPD being right down the block from us with having 14 Officers employed and  12 hr. shifts. Always have a PO in Laurel Hollow at all times.

There is a RAVE APP they have created to filter through and bypass 911 for calls that are life-threaten- To be able to get that through and get to the top of line of communication (‘Fast Line” at Disney if you will…) This application is only given to approx. 12 faculty /staff members to dispatch the police.

When a call comes in, it is internally connected to all Police Departments they dispatch on the same frequency.  Our area is overloaded with Police Support.

There is a robust Wi-Fi system since the cell phones do not work in our buildings very well- I think the students cannot access the Wi-Fi guest, but they (our school district) is trying to boost the system, and Goose Hill is putting up additional cell boosters.


There are a few things District is doing structurally in each school to enhance security. At CSH, they are creating Bank teller windows- glass, and working on upgrades at West Side, by including Armor 1 Glass, that is not bullet proof, but resistant proof so intruder can’t break in-

Questions- Why not go with bullet- proof?  The glass is too thick to accommodate the existing conditions, and most schools are going with the Armor 1 glass- it has a slight haze to it, and it allows the students to take cover-

If something were to happen at school, Police advised to have parents stay home and let the PO take care until Parents received notification (texts) from School officials/law enforcement.

Questions- Are Security Systems in place for after school activities? There are some Security Staff that are on and if you need any additional, that could be provided as well, need to clear with District.


-Safety Drills are conducted at various times throughout the school year including

-Evacuation Drills

-Lockdown Drills, Shelter in Place Drills

-All Rooms have clearly posted Emergency Response Cards as a Lockdown Checklist

-All Substitute Teachers are provided with key information upon the arrival of building

Cooperation with Law Enforcement

-Ongoing communication with local Police to ensure a strong working relationship

*VP Updates: Bernadette Flynn-Skate Night is Sunday, Feb. 10- Need Volunteers to bring in cookies, snacks and hot chocolate

Thank you to the Holiday Cookie Bake Committee and all volunteers that helped out and a big Thank you to Denise Ioannou and Katie Zarboutis.

Thank you to Edra Tepper for the Holiday Boutique and the vendor Prestige.  We had some new items this year.

*Julie Starrett-There was a Nutrition Meeting in November and Jeri Tiger will be back in February to update us and follow- up from what was requested/suggested from Parents.

The Executive Board is here to listen to families and see what their concerns and needs are and to communicate that with our Principal and the District Office.

The Board Nominations for 2019-2020 School Year will soon be underway- A nominations letter will be going out to people that might be interested in running. All positions are opened, so please reach out with any additional questions.

*A few 6thGraders along with Ms. DeRosa came to present their ideas/projects on Buoyancy. If object mass is more than displaced mass, what happens?  The students got into groups and created ‘Brain Pop’ videos. 1-5 min. long videos, and took approx. 2-3 days to make.

Another example was the I-Movie- took 3 weeks to make, the students were using the Promethean Board as opposed to the LCD projector.


*Kristin Provisero-gave an update on Cultural Arts Program-If anyone is interested in chairing next year, please see Kristin.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 8, is BOE Meeting.

CPC Meeting Feb. 7, Next PTG meeting is Feb. 4.

Meeting ended at approx. 11:00?


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