West Side School Parent Teacher Group

General PTG Meeting Minutes 4/15/2019


West Side PTG Meeting

Monday, April 15, 2019



Meeting held in Creative Learning Lab at West Side School- 9:35 am

Attendees: (see attached sheet)

Approval of the minutes- Ana Shammah and Edina Bobelian

Budget Presentation- Mr. Fenter and Mr. Stucchio- (see attached sheet for Budget Highlights) Proposed Budget vote is on May 21. This remains within the tax cap with the homeowners. It’s a 2.4 % increase with in tax level under law- the increases are due to the employee benefit/healthcare and the contribution to the retirement.  Would like to continue the vast programs at the schools – arts/athletics, new technology, upgrades to the security program and staff. A few new items that they would like to introduce:  Introducing Coding Program in 4, 5, 6 and 8thgrade with the adoption of the kidOYO program Kid on your Own. Expand Science 21 in Kindergarten, 1, and 2 grade-observe-experiment; allowing the students to become little investigators/scientist.  More Promethean boards, flexible furniture options, 1:1 ration of Chrome books in Jr/SR. HS, CSH Lab- DNA Learning Center on the Elementary level.  Under Proposition 2, there is a Capital Reserve Fund of 700K and thinking of taking 500K of that reserve, and adding to reach 1.2 mil for construction projects like the enhancement of the infrastructure of security- cameras, technology, 1 button lock-down system to notify police of active shooter in build., Reconstruction of the HS field locker rooms, used by all students in P.E, wider lockers, with hole on top for lacrosse sticks.  There are 2 seat elections for July 1 for potential board members for 3 years. Amy Grogin and Julie Starrett have put their names in. There is a potential bond on a large scale project costing approx. $30-35 million- put in vote Oct. /Nov. 2019- welcome to go online to the website (top right hand) is a bond survey by April 30 and they welcome your input.

3rdGrade Presentations- Ms. Dopico/Ms. Manning’s Class- 9 kids presented their persuasive work to Dr. Bellino on how to make recess more fun- need more things to do- mover board games, etc…

FLES- Ms. Rivadeneyra presented how she incorporates Spanish in all of her classes-

4thGrade Presentation- Ms. Dudek and Ms. Levesque- a few students came in and presented their unit of study brining History to Life, writing about their reading- American Revolution- they worked on online research to find reliable sources for their subjects.


The New 2019-2020 PTG Executive Board has been determined- there is a 10 day policy if anyone wants to contest it-

New PTG Board:

Nancy Arato- Co-President, Maryann Lombardo-Co-President, Bernadette Flynn- Senior VP, Irena Dabakarov- Co-VP, Janene Keegan- Co-VP, Linda Silver- Parent Communications Coordinator, Stacey Guinan- Secretary, Tina Zarro- Treasurer

There is the Committee Sign-Up sheet for next year if anyone would like to volunteer-

The Board is in need of a Family House that would like to host the Win for October of this year and along with 2 Chairs for it.

April 30 is the deadline for any orders for the yearbook and we need a Chair for it as well, or else there will not be a yearbook going forward.

Anyone purchasing items for the school needs to use the Tax Exempt form- we are paying taxes on items that should be tax-free! Also, it can take up to 6 weeks before a check can be issued because of all the processes

Staff Appreciation Day is May 6

Win Run is in need of more Family and Business Sponsors it is on May 18 at 8am

Camp-Out is Sat. June 1

Ellis Island and Talent Show on June 7- need more volunteers for Ellis Island

CPC Meeting- May 2, BOE Meeting May 14, Last PTG meeting on Monday May 13





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