West Side School Parent Teacher Group

General PTG Meeting Minutes 5/14/2018


Westside PTG Meeting

Monday, 5/14/18


In Attendance: Michelle Rampi, Julie Starrett, Stefania Geraci-Glantz, Ana Shammah, Edina Bobelian, Georgia Tsafas and Lorena Munyak

Board of Education Members in Attendance:  Ingrid Wright

Minutes reviewed and approved by Ana Shammah seconded by Michele Rampi

President’s Report

  • West Side Run 5/20/18. Cat Bauer present with registration forms. Calling for volunteers for help with serving food. Pick-up t-shirts Saturday 6/19 from 6-8pm.  Pre-registration/Early registration is encouraged. 
  • Field Day is scheduled for 6/1/18. Calling for volunteers to help organize, set-up and serve food.  
  • Camp out is 6/2/18.  Evite was sent. 
  • 4th grade Ellis Island 6/7/18. Still in dire need of volunteers.  Parents from other grades have volunteered to help.  The times for volunteers are staggered. Come for a short time or stay and help.  The event should end at 11:30.  Lunch is served for the volunteers. 
  • 6th grade party is in need of parent volunteers. 
  • School Supplies- an email will be sent encouraging parents to purchase school supplies and pay PTG dues. Chairperson needed for the position for the next school year. 
  • Open committee chair positions- ice cream social, 6th grade events, such, graduation/moving up day (hopefully to get a 4/5 grade parents), field day.  Positions can be taken on with a friend to share responsibilities.
  • Reimbursement forms need to be submitted to close the books for the year. 
  • Class assignments will be sent at the end of August. 

Mr. Simon

  • Philadelphia trip is Friday. There will be tour guides; a video about the revolutionary war will be shown. This is the first year West Side participates in a guided tour.  Feedback will be taken from teachers to evaluate. 
  • 6th grade parents calling for S.I.T. representatives. 
  • 6th grade Student-Led Reflections.  This initiative came from a goal set by parents and teachers who are members of West Side’s School Improvement Team. 
  • Members of SWWAT (Students Waging War Against Tobacco) will visit WS 5/6 graders. Chris Homer runs this event and the club.
  • Maturation parent meeting is coming up.  Parents will be informed about the contents taught to the children and are encouraged to ask questions.
  • 2nd grade Parent Orientation for in coming 2nd graders is 6/13 at 9:30am
  • 6th grade teachers are retiring next year.  Planning is in progress. Hoping to keep the same team of 5 teachers. 

            Next PTG Meeting 9/17 @ 9:30am 

Meeting adjourned 10:10am 


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