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General PTG Meeting Minutes 4/16/2018

PTG MEETING Minutes – April 16,  2018

West Side PTG Meeting

Monday April 16, 2018

Start: 9:36 am, Michelle Rampi

Ana Shammah approved the minutes from last meeting, Katie Zarboutis, 2nd it.

2 Guest Speakers Today- Mr. Fenter, and Mr. Stucchio

James Stucchio– Proposed Budget Meeting for Next School Year- Please come out to VOTE on May 15, Tuesday at the Jr/Sr. High School at the Field House

3 Items on the Proposed Budget for 2018-19 (the budget is within the tax levy cap, higher than previous year, 2%. Growth factor included the construction work on homes) High lights includes the following, 2 costs outside district: 1. Health Insurance Plan (12% increase) due to the Affordable Care Act. 2.  Required Contribution to the Teachers Retirement System.

2nd Item- Transfer of General Fund Budget (Capital Reserve Fund) to complete budget- Including Security Upgrades (at W.S. the 360 degree camera view and the alarm for ajar doors.)

3rd Item- 2 seats for BOE

Mr. Fenter- 

Lydia Bellino Retiring and Mr. Simon, taking over the position.


K-1 (G.H)- New Science Program “Science 21”. “Why things work?”- for the younger students more hands-on experiences.

Literacy Dept- New Reading teacher, added at GH for next year- System is to focus on child not subject, integrate learning experience within the students.

Creative Learning Furniture Implemented- Ms. DeRosa’s class furniture has it. Next Year, LH will be revamping some of the classrooms as well, and in the Jr/SR. HS, will have 3 classrooms to include that as well.  Promoting to re-design instruction for students and give them the best technology out there.

1 to 1 Ratio Initiative- JR/SR. HS- all students have chrome books- updating technology to continue that.  Supporting also digital material, like online text books,  21st century education and operating the school in different ways.

Science and Research Program- currently have 32 kids this year (9th grade)- it has grown and with connection to the CSH lab we have students who are competing nationally and regionally.  There are options students to take Chemistry as early as 9th grade.

1st Science Research Symposium- next month

Will be renewing the collaboration with the Huntington Arts Council- increase collaboration with local museums, BOE committed also to the Arts- various Jazz concerts coming up

Support of Professional Learning of Staff- CSH mentoring program

Mr. Simon- Highlights:

2 Students from Mr. Arloff’s class to discuss the book “Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World” by Shackleton. Speaking of 3 leadership qualities that are import.   Students worked on a 3 week project

Student- Hailey Jo Rosato- Spoke of the following Leadership qualities: 1. Risk Taker, 2. Intelligence, 3.  Courage. Student Krish Chadha 1. Unifying his crew, 2. Intelligence, 3. Work Ethic

Both students used great use of evidence to back up their thinking and well done job!

Last Faculty Meeting, Ms. Fraiberg , will be trying to get other books on leadership and esp. women in leadership roles-

Professional Learning for Teachers- last ½ day, the teachers (K-6) had a great workshop and had small learning sessions on various topics: leading Google classes, successful Read- a- Louds, tool kits to writing pieces, Disney short- films, great teaching moments for all the teachers to bounce off ideas to one another.

Edina Bobelian- Treasurer Report and Nominating Committee Update

We are on budget, following events: Field Day, Camp Out, West Side Run- Please send in your sponsorship for the program.

PTG Board 2018-19

President/Co- President- Michelle Rampi/ Julie Starett, VP Jeanine Ketterer, Ana Shammah, Bernadette Flynn Treasurer- Tina Zarro, Secretary- Georgia Tsafos, Parent Coordinator- Stefania Geraci

Ana /Stefania- Committee Chairs are still open for next year- Graduation Party (6th grade), 6th Grade Get Together, Garden Club

Talent Show- May 4that 7pm, held at the PAC, and an ice cream social afterwards.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon- May 7th– Still need volunteers to  bring items.

West Side Run- 2nd largest fundraiser, May 20th 8AM

April 29th, 6th grade Get together, April 18th, Literary Luncheon, Spirit wear Orders open, Sign up for Recess, Yearbook pictures and books


*Next Meeting- Thank you Breakfast/Meeting May 14, 9:30am.



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