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This committee helps to assist in providing various cultural arts events and activities (including arts & sciences) programs for our students.

Please enjoy these updates from the Cultural Arts Committee:

Corey the Dribbler

In March of 2021, the second graders were inspired and awed by former Harlem Globetrotter and 4 time Guinness world record holder, Corey the Dribbler, in his virtual/online assembly! 

The children watched as he threw a basketball up in the air, caught it on his finger while it was spinning! He even shared his tips on how the kids could perform this move themselves. 

Corey shared his 4r’s 4 success! Respect – responsibility – ready to learn – reading is power.  Corey instilled the importance of treating others with respect, while demonstrating the value of kindness and not giving up, even if you don’t make the team the first time.

Corey encouraged the power of reading when he shared his story about how reading a book about the Harlem Globetrotters inspired him to actually become a Globetrotter!   


“The Cultural Arts Committee was thrilled to join in on the fun of West Side School’s latest spirit week by bringing in two different entertainment groups to challenge the children’s learning prowess on Tuesday. The fourth, fifth and sixth graders welcomed back the best program of last year, Hollyrock entertainment’s “Brain challenge”. Students participated in a “Live” tv game show complete with a host, answering questions in a “Lighting Round” manner. Similarly, second and third graders were contestants on the virtual game show. They answered exciting and challenging trivia questions, and enjoyed some friendly competition via a live and interactive multi-media platform. The children buzzed in to answer questions ranging from core subjects to pop culture trivia. Both programs provided a great way for team red and blue to work on their good sportsmanship and team spirit across the grades and remotely!”

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